Thursday, October 04, 2007

Spanish declined at laundromat. Thu, Oct 4, 2007.

10/04/2007. 895. I was doing a late laundry run at the 24-hour laundromat. The lady using the folding table next to mine looked like she could have been Native American or Hispanic. Her T-shirt had a Native American theme, so I asked if she was a Native American. She was. She said she was also from a country in Central America.

She spoke Spanish fluently, and said she spoke another language besides English. I offered her a Book of Mormon in Spanish, but she politely declined. She said she knew members of the church back in her home country. I gave her a custom pass-along card, and suggested any of her other friends who spoke some of the other languages she mentioned could call and get a free Book of Mormon in their language. She accepted that card. She also mentioned several other languages, but I wasn't sure if they were her languages or her friends'.

It was a polite and friendly encounter, but she just wasn't interested in receiving any material. She did claim some knowledge about the LDS church, and mentioned Joseph Smith, so she probably had already learned as much as she wanted.

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