Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Locker Kits" (Bible+BoM) to young men. Sun, Sep 23, 2007.

09/23/2007. Journal Entry. I gave some Bibles and copies of the Book of Mormon to the Young Men's president to give out. I assembled them in kits, a Bible and a Book of Mormon paired together and in a zip-lock freezer bag. These are what I've called "car kits" in the past. The zip-lock bag keeps the stuff together and clean. I suggested to the high-school aged Young Men in priesthood opening exercises that they could keep them in their lockers at school, and see if they generate conversations.

The copies of the Book of Mormon were marked in 3rd Nephi chapters 11 through 26, and Moroni's promise in Moroni 10:3-5. Those markings were done with sticky-notes.

Included in each Bible and Book of Mormon were an "info flyer" listing all the local chapels, addresses, and meeting times. You can download the info-flyer here. Each Bible had a Book of Mormon pass-along card in it, and each Book of Mormon had a Book of Mormon pass-along card, plus another one.

After the entire meeting block, one of the other young men asked if middle-school guys could get one for their locker too. I said sure, and suggested he ask the YM president if he had any left over, and if he didn't have any then ask his dad, and if they didn't have any, I'd get him one.

The next week, I checked with the YM pres, who had given them all out to the older boys, so I gave the middle-schooler's dad a "locker kit" to give his son.



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