Saturday, September 01, 2007

Swahili at store. Sat, Sep 1, 2007.

09/01/2007. 878. I needed to go to this store not far from where I live. I was not seeking any book-placement opportunities. It was about 1/2 hour before closing time. This store was not busy, so the clerk/cashier had some time to chit-chat. He was older, probably late 50's, and seemed well-educated and articulate, so he might have been the manager. He was friendly and outgoing, and spoke with an accent reminiscent of the Indian subcontinent with a little bit of a British accent thrown in.

Although his family was originally from the Indian subcontinent, he was from Kenya, and spoke and read Swahili. He eagerly accepted my offer of a Swahili Book of Mormon, and flipped through it, and looked at the list of the local churches on the flyer I had included inside.

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