Thursday, September 27, 2007

Liahona magazines at ethnic restaurant. Thu, Sep 27, 2007.

09/27/2007. 890. I had supper at a restaurant that I haven't been to before. I took in three Liahona magazines in their language instead of the Book of Mormon. It turned out well since the three employees or owners all spoke that language. I offered them when the waitress brought my food. She was unsure how to respond, but seemed genuinely interested, and didn't seem offended. She shared them with the two other employees in back, and they all flipped through the pages for a bit, then got back to work.

I still had an English edition of one of the same issues, and offered it to go along with the foreign language edition, but she declined it.

The food was very good, so I plan on going back. And I'll see if they would be interested in a Book of Mormon, or a church DVD with an audio track in their language.

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