Monday, September 24, 2007

Chinese at restaurant. Mon, Sep 24, 2007.

09/24/2007. 889. I decided to eat supper at a Chinese restaurant that I haven't been to before. I was seated, placed my order, went to wash up, came back and placed some material on the table. Not on her first trip, but on one of her trips to my table, the waitress started a conversation about the "Finding Happiness" DVD.

She wasn't fluent in English. But I was able to figure out she spoke Cantonese, and could read both the old style Chinese script and the newer style Simplified script. But she prefered the Simplified script Book of Mormon because the type is a little larger and easier to read than the traditional script Chinese edition. We talked a just little each time she came back to the table.

When she brought the check, she had more time to talk, and she accepted the Simplified script Chinese Book of Mormon, the "Finding Happiness" DVD, a "Together Forever" DVD, a Chinese Liahona magazine, and an English Liahona magazine. She declined the English Book of Mormon.

While driving home I felt an outpouring of the Spirit, as if what had happened was a momentous occasion.

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