Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Samoan at store. Wed, Oct 3, 2007.

10/03/2007. 893. While still on my way home from the previous restaurant visit, and visiting one of my customers, I stopped again at the same store that had the cashier who spoke Bambara, in order to purchase some more of the same items as before. It was a legitimate shopping stop, and not to follow-up or seek more opportunities.

Anyway, the cashier this time was a very friendly lady who looked like she was from one of the Pacific Islands. So I just asked if she was a Pacific Islander. Her face lit up in a big smile and she said yes. It was like she was glad that someone noticed and could tell.

She was from Samoa, and still read and spoke Samoan. I told her about a local full time missionary (Elder) who is Samoan. He is currently serving in the ward that shares the building where my ward meets.

I got all flustered due to the excitement, and gave her the phone # for the wrong missionaries. But I more or less straightened it out later by calling the wrong missionaries and asking them to give her the number for the Samoan elder (and his companion too of course) when/if she calls.

She's not a member already. I asked because a large percentage (not a majority, but a noticeable number) of Samoans are members of the church. But she said one of her relatives is a member, so she's heard of the church before.

She was enthusiastic about meeting another Samoan. I didn't mention anything about missionary discussions, but I made clear the Samoan guy I was talking about was a full time missionary. And I'm confident that the Mission president will let the Samoan elder and his companion cross district/zone boundaries for them to meet.

I think it's good enough for a meet-and-greet. And she also accepted Samoan and English copies of the Book of Mormon.

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