Friday, October 05, 2007

Polish at Post Office. Fri, Oct 5, 2007.

10/05/2007. 896. I checked my PO Box at the Post Office. As I was passing through the lobby, there was a lady with a small boy talking to him in a foreign language. It sounded Eastern European. At an appropriate moment, and from a respectful distance I asked her what language she was speaking. She said Polish.

I said the reason I asked is that my church as free books in Polish. I offered her the Book of Mormon in Polish. I forget the order of what we said, but she asked which church, and I responded. At first she said to just give her a phone number to call, but when I said I could bring in a copy from the car, she agreed to see it.

I went out and brought in a Polish copy and an English copy. She accepted both. I asked if she was going to the International Festival at the State Fairgrounds the first weekend in November. She didn't know about it. So I wrote down the info on a piece of paper, and told her the local Polish club usually has a booth there. She didn't know about the local Polish club, and was definitely interested in making contact.

More of the back-story...

I wasn't going to check my PO box that day. But I had a flat tire (fortunately I had a good spare tire) and took my car to a repair shop that happened to be near the Post Office. After getting a new tire (it was a side puncture, so the tire couldn't be fixed), and some other car work that I needed anyway, I decided to check my PO Box while I was in the area.

There was actually a tire repair shop down the street from where I had the flat, but they were booked up all day with appointments, and the next nearest store (of this tire store chain that I like) was near my Post Office.

While I was changing the flat tire, and lifting five boxes of the Book of Mormon out of my trunk so I could get to the spare tire underneath them, I realized that this event was going to put me on a path that I would not otherwise have been on that day. I started to think "Aha. Something interesting is going to happen."

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