Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chinese, Ukrainian-Russian. Tue, Mar 11, 2008.

03/11/2008. 1005. I had arranged to have supper with a friend. We met at a Chinese buffet restaurant near his side of town. I had been there and made at least one placement before, but I thought there would be more people to contact than those I had previously spoken with.

I put some material on the table as we ate, and the waitress saw them, but didn't comment. During one of her trips to the table, I asked if she liked to read, and offered the material. She was a bit busy, and she didn't take any of the material from the table, but she seemed to agree to receive the Chinese/English bilingual New Testament, and the Chinese Liahona. She was called away, and didn't come back since we had already paid by then, so I'm not sure what all she wanted. Anyway, when we got up to leave, we left the bilingual New Testament, the Chinese Liahona, and the corresponding English Liahona, and a "Finding Happiness" multi-lingual DVD.

I don't like to just leave things on the table when I leave, because it seems a bit pushy. But I honestly thought she did want the magazine and bilingual New Testament. Most people are timid about accepting more than one or two items, but I think that's mostly out of politeness and deference.

03/11/2008. 1006. After leaving the restaurant, I received a cell-phone call from another friend who lived in the area, so I stopped by his place.

On the way home, I took a different route than I normally do, and there were a couple choices of which exits I could take to get off the Interstate.

My path took me past a drug store which was closed for the night, but which I had been to before, and I thought about doing a follow-up there, so that's for another trip. Then going past a 24 hour chain store, I felt that I might have been inspired to go there and get something. I wasn't sure. But it was worth a shot.

At the store, one of the employees spoke with an accent. Based on her name-tag and her accent, I asked the cashier if the other employee spoke Russian, and she said yes. So after taking my purchases out to my car, I brought back in Russian and English copies of the Book of Mormon, and a couple Russian editions of the Liahona. She was not too busy when I came back in, so I approached and offered them to her. She gratefully accepted them, and I asked if she spoke any other languages, since there are several countries where Russian is the secondary language. She also spoke Ukrainian, so I said I'd bring in something in Ukrainian. I retrieved a Ukrainian Book of Mormon, and a copy of "The Testaments of One Fold and One Shepherd" DVD that has a Ukrainian audio track.

She was busier when I got back in the second time, so there wasn't time to make a more formal presentation or explanation, but she accepted them.

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