Friday, February 08, 2008

Spanish, missed op, Chinese declined, at buffet. Fri, Feb 8, 2008

02/08/2008. 986. I was on my way to the next state over to go to an uncle's funeral. I was planning on travelling Friday, having dinner with someone nearby Friday night, and going to the funeral the following day, Saturday.

As I was travelling, I felt inspired to take an exit, and go a certain direction, but I didn't see any businesses that seemed right. I was about to turn around and chalk it up to my imagination, when I felt inspired to keep driving to the next city.

There was a town not far from the Interstate, and there was a Chinese buffet in a shopping center.

I paid, put my stuff down at a table, got some food, sat down, and put out some Chinese material (2 kinds of Chinese Book of Mormon, English Book of Mormon, bilingual Chinese/English New Testament, and DVD) on the table.

When I noticed that the bus-boy was Hispanic, I got out a Spanish Book of Mormon from my bag. (My Asian book-bag contains all the aforementioned, plus Vietnamese, Japanese, Indonesian, and Cambodian. Yeah, it's heavy, but it works.)

When the bus-boy came by, I struck up a conversation with him, and offered him the Spanish and English copies of the Book of Mormon, and he gratefully accepted them.

Journal entry. Missed Opportunity. Then a group of Asian men came in, and sat down at the table next to me. There was one caucasian man with them. While I was getting more food, I saw one of them look at the books on my table.

It took me a while to realize that they were speaking Japanese, and probably worked at a nearby Japanese auto plant. I got out the Japanese Book of Mormon and put it on the table. And tried to think of a way to start a conversation.

But, I delayed and didn't say anything, and when they left, they left quickly, and didn't pass by my table.

I was so stupid for not acting. It was a perfect opportunity. I was there first, and had the stuff out first, and then they came and sat next to my table, so it was obvious that I had not "targeted" them. They came to me. Some Japanese guys just happened to sit next to the guy with the Japanese Book of Mormon, and DVD's with Japanese audio tracks, and I let the opportunity slip through my fingers.

987. Chinese declined. I stopped at the cashier counter on the way out, and offered them the Chinese Book of Mormon and the bilingual Chinese/English New Testament, but they were not interested, and politely declined my offer.

Journal entry. I had several more missed opportunities along the road in Ohio before I got to my destination.

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