Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Chinese DVDs at restaurant. Tue, Feb 5, 2008.

02/05/2008. 984. After volunteering at the storehouse I stopped for dinner at a Chinese restaurant that I hadn't been to before. I had the books (Chinese/English bilingual New Testament, Chinese/English copies of Book of Mormon, Chinese/English copies of Liahona) out on my table when the waitress brought my food, but she didn't say anything, and I didn't strike up a conversation.

After I was done eating the three employees were taking a break behind the counter. I could have struck up a conversation, but all I offered were two DVD's. I didn't offer the Book of Mormon, and later felt a little guilty about that since they were free and had time to talk.

They accepted the "Finding Happiness" DVD which has both a Cantonese and a Mandarin audio track, and a "Together Forever" DVD which has a Cantonese audio track, and a written Chinese (good for both Mandarin and Cantonese) subtitles option.

Behind the counter, they had a television with a built-in DVD player.

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