Wednesday, June 20, 2007

If ya snooze, ya lose, 2nd time this trip. Wed, Jun 20, 2007.

06/20/2007. Journal entry. (Road trip to visit family, continued. 2nd day of driving.) On this stop I was going to repent of chickening out at a certain gas station last year. I was going to intentionally visit the same gas station, and look up a person to whom I should have given material last year. It was the "missed opportunity" with a 50-ish lady cashier, between encounters #656 and #657.

My memory had gotten fuzzy. I thought it was a certain brand of gas station, but it was a different one. However, the main thing I remembered was its location, because it was exactly opposite the street from the gas station where I placed an LDS edition Bible.

I went in, looked around, and it was indeed the same place where that lady worked last year, but she was not there. So I planned on leaving a note with some material with the on-duty cashier to give her later when she came in.

I purchased something and asked the cashier if so-and-so still worked there. He said she moved out West a couple weeks ago.

It was everlastingly too late. Second time this trip.



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