Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hindi declined at gas station. Tue, Jun 19, 2007.

06/19/2007. (Road trip to visit family, continued.) I didn't log all my stops in my notebook, only the ones where an offer was made, or ones where I knowingly chickened out. There were some stops this day that I made on my own, looking to make opportunities for placements. There were some that I thought were prompted, but nothing happened.

In those instances where I think I'm prompted to make a stop but nothing happens, there are four possibilities: 1) It could a timing factor to slow me down, because normal driving time between two intended "appointments" would put me at the second place too early. 2) It could be that there really was someone there to whom I could have made an offer of material, but I didn't realize it. 3) It could be that what I thought was a prompting was merely my imagination. Or, 4) It was just a test, to see if I was listening or some other reason.

I stopped at three places at this exit. I didn't write down if taking this exit was prompted or not. But I probably thought it was.

The first place was a convenience store, and I didn't see any obvious opportunities, or foreign language speakers.

835. Hindi declined. The second place was a gas station/convenience store. I went in and bought some kind of frozen dessert like an ice-cream bar. The cashier was from India and spoke Hindi and Gujerati. I forgot to take a Gujerati Bible on this trip, but she turned down my offer of a Hindi and English Book of Mormon.

(See next entry for third stop.)

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