Wednesday, June 20, 2007

English pass-along card at gas station. Wed, Jun 20, 2007.

06/20/2007. 838. I was on the road to visit family, and this was the second day of driving. I tried to start the day off right, so I read the scriptures and prayed before checking out of the motel. That probably helped me a while later to be receptive when I had the impression to stop at a particular exit on the Interstate and buy something at a particular gas station/convenience store. I realize that many readers of these journal entries may suppose that such impressions or inspiration may merely be my imagination. I admit that there are times when I'm not sure. My confidence level is not always black-or white, on-or-off. Sometimes I'm confused and don't know, sometimes I think it might be inspiration, sometimes I think it is, sometimes I believe it is, sometimes I strongly believe it is, and sometimes I'm positive. This impression to get off the highway came at the strongly believe level.

The cashier didn't appear to speak any foreign languages. She appeared to be an American-born caucasian lady. I chickened out, as if I had forgot or was ignoring what led me there. I bought some soda pop, and went back out. But back in the car, the feeling to offer something was still so strong, that I agonized over it for a few seconds, maybe a minute. Now the impression was at the positive level. I went back in, bought another snack, and gave the cashier a Book of Mormon pass-along card. I forget what I said, but it was something about the Book of Mormon.

I felt better after she accepted the pass-along card, but I still felt guilty that I didn't act the first time I went in, and that I didn't offer an actual Book of Mormon or a video.

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At 7/05/2007 02:09:00 AM, Blogger bunker said...

At least you are doing it, thats more than alot of us do.


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