Sunday, November 05, 2006

3 investigators from China at church. Sun, Nov 5, 2006.

11/05/2006. The sister missionaries in our ward have had at least six investigators from China in the past few months. Most of them are doing advanced degree study at a local university. Four of them are still actively investigating, and three were at church today; one of them for the third time, one for the second time, and one for the first time.

One of the members in our ward, a LOLITS (little old lady in tennis shoes; hey, a former bishop taught me that acronym), had the four over for dinner, along with the sister missionaries, and an American member from the neighboring ward who speaks fluent Mandarin. That group, and hopefully a couple more, are scheduled for a group lesson Tuesday evening.

None of the above investigators were referred to the sisters by me. My only involvement has been supplying the sisters with Chinese copies of the Book of Mormon and Gospel Principles. But ya know, you can plant in one area of the garden, and the Lord can cause things to sprout in another area. We don't always see the connection between the efforts and the results. But I have faith that someday, somehow, the dots will be connected, and we'll see the big picture that the Lord sees.


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