Sunday, October 29, 2006

Books to Missionaries. Sun, Oct 29, 2006.

10/29/2006. Journal entry. Last week, the 22nd, I gave 13 English Books of Mormon and 2 paperback inexpensive English KJV Bibles to the sister missionaries in our ward, with an encouragement for them to give them out to whoever they meet who will accept them. I specifically wanted them to realize that someone does not have to be an investigator before receiving a Book of Mormon.

Today, the 29th, I gave the same stuff to two sets of Elders. 13 BoM's, 2 paperback English KJV Bibles, and also 2 Spanish BoM's and 2 paperback Spanish RVR-60 Bibles, to each set. And I gave them the same encouragement.

I chose to give them 13, because three sets of 13 is about one case (40) of hardcover Missionary Edition copies of the English Book of Mormon.

Inexpensive paperback KJV Bibles can be bought from the International Bible Society,, for about $1.99 each (in cases of 24) plus shipping.

I also like to give out the paperback New International Version Bible, which is currently on sale for $1.75/each in cases of 24, or $1.99/each for singles. This may be a better translation for recent immigrants who are still learning English. I think it's almost unfair to expect people who are struggling with English to also learn King James English.

There is also a paperback "Today's New International Version" Bible on sale at IBS for $1.75/each in caes of 24, or $1.99/each for singles. This is pretty much the NIV version, but updated for more modern language.

I have found that the key to opening the door (figuratively speaking) to offer someone a Book of Mormon, is to first offer them a Bible. Then, whether they already have one or if they accept your offer, you can then ask "Would you like a Book of Mormon to go along with it? Our church believes in both."

Offering someone a Book of Mormon, without first offering them a Bible, gives many people the impression that we don't believe the Bible.

I've had some situations where people accept both, but most people already have a Bible.

The least expensive Bible at is $7.00, so that's why I use the paperback ones from Int'l Bible Society.

There is a temporary sale at on Bonded Leather Large Print Unindexed Bibles. They are discontinuing this item for a different one, and the old ones are going for $5.50.


At 10/31/2006 02:38:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a question, why would the Missionaries not have copies of the book of Mormon. They do get them by the case for free?

I remember when, on my mission, we were told to cut back on our distribution of the Cebuano Book of Mormon because the church ran out. We were so proud.

Matt W.

At 10/31/2006 10:22:00 PM, Blogger Bookslinger said...

The missionaries only get 10 free books every 6 weeks. That's 10 books per companionship. They might get extra for "media referrals" (leads generated through pass-along cards), but I don't know for sure about that.

Besides, the missionaries are somehow "programmed" to give out books ONLY to investigators. They find someone who wants to investigate, THEN they give him/her a Book of Mormon.

But by giving the books to the missionaries myself, I can attach a string to it, and say those books have to go out to ANYONE who is willing to receive it, regardless of whether they investigate.

It's hard to get that idea across. I've given books to previous missionaries in our ward, and the books have just stacked up in their apartment.


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