Monday, October 23, 2006

Missed opportunity at Kroger's. Mon, Oct 23, 2006.

10/23/2006. Journal entry. A man and his son, who appeared to be from India, were leaving Kroger right when I was about to go in. We passed each other in the parking area between the sidewalk and the parking places, but we were not within comfortable conversation distance. In the second that I mentally debated saying something, the opportunity was lost.

It would have been a lot easier had I not mentally debated and just approached them as soon as I saw them. Another factor may have been that I did not immediately heed a prompting on which way to travel to Kroger's, which altered the timing factor. Had I immediately obeyed that prompting, and been there a few seconds earlier, the encounter would have happened in a closer and smoother manner.

It's interesting how sometimes Heavenly Father arranges meet-ups without any conscious effort on our part, and other times he asks us to do things which bring about the meeting.

One way in which I have been able to tell what is a "missed opportunity" is the guilty feeling afterward. But I've now realized that another common factor in those lost opportunities is that their faces stick with me even more so than those who do accept books.

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