Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Investigator's girlfriend investigates. Tue, Oct 31, 2006.

10/31/2006. A man to whom I gave a pair of Books of Mormon in September of this year has been investigating the church. I believe he is sincerely committed to baptism.

I looked up the address and phone number of the mission in his home country at www.ldsmissions.net, and gave him the info.

He emailed the mission office phone number for his home country to his girlfriend who is back there. Today he reported that his girlfriend called the office, and had two missionaries over for a lesson. I didn't find out what his girlfriend thought of the presentation, but he said that she reported that the American missionaries spoke their language very well.

There is also an elder (missionary) from Central Indiana serving in that country, though not in the same city as the girlfriend. A few weeks ago, I emailed him and also wrote (snail mail) the elder about there being someone from that country here in Indianapolis who is investigating, about how we met, and that I had a Book of Mormon in his language with me when we met. The elder wrote back to me, and also included a letter, in the investigator's language, for me to give him. He was very excited and pleased to receive it. He was impressed that someone from the church wrote him in his native language.

The elder has only been in that country for 14 months. All the more impressive that the letter he wrote was in their native language, and in their native alphabet, which is not a latin (a,b,c,etc) alphabet.


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