Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Just a lunch with book display. Wed, Oct 4, 2006.

10/04/2006. I had lunch at a Chinese buffet that I haven't been to in a while. I don't remember if I made an offer of books here, or if they were accepted or not. I need to get my older journal from another hard drive and put it on my current hard drive, so I can search for addresses. I used to keep two journals. One, unedited and with addresses, in a word-processing document. Then the 2nd version, which has names and addresses edited out, is my online version. I could search for an address, street number, or street name, to see if I had been there before and look up what the result was.

I can see that I should really have a database for this. And if ward missionaries were to do this on an organized basis, a database, kind of like the missionaries "area book," would be called for.

I'm still working on conversation starters that leave open the possibility that I've met the other person before, but don't remember the details of the contact.

Anyway, at this buffet lunch today, I just put out a Chinese/English New Testament, the two Chinese Books of Mormon, and the English Book of Mormon on the table. I'm sure the waitress/cashier saw them, but I initiated no conversation, and just waited for her or her husband, who was eating nearby, to ask or say something.

I forgot to put out the multi-language Asian DVD "Finding Happiness". Sometimes a DVD case or the Liahona magazine garners more attention than books.

I have a 2nd Chinese Liahona subscription on order, because I usually go to at least 2 Chinese restaurants every month. And sometimes those are easier to place than the Book of Mormon.


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