Monday, September 25, 2006

Dating while traveling, via Family History Centers.

This is for you single road-warriors, whether you fly or drive, who find yourselves spending weekends on the road with nothing do do.

While traveling, you have dutifully looked up the local chapels in the phone book, or online phone book, or online at, and have gone to church in the city which you are visiting, but then you found out that there was some cool singles event the previous Friday or Saturday night that you could have gone to had you known about it.

Or you met some drop-dead gorgeous single at church, who's unattached, and also was dateless that weekend.

Perhaps you've tried to plan ahead, but whenever you call the chapel's office or foyer phone numbers listed on the church's ward and stake web-sites, that you found via the meetinghouse locator, no one is there. Or you call on a busy Sunday, and your request to have the Singles Representative call you back gets lost, or there is no Singles Rep for that ward, and no one knows who the Stake Singles Reps are.

Here's one solution: Call one or more of the Family History Centers in the area you plan on visiting. Look it up at, and call during their scheduled hours throughout the week.

Generally, it will be staffed by faithful and active members, and they will usually have a stake directory handy to look up and see who the Stake Singles Representatives, or their ward singles contacts are. Or, they will know who to call to find out. Just tell them you'll be in town that weekend and want to visit any singles activities that might be going on. Let them know which singles group, 18 to 30 (YSA/Young Single Adult) or 31+ (SA/Single Adult) you are in.

It may take a few messages and phone calls, but you'll eventually be able to find someone.

And if you're on the cusp, age-wise, don't be afraid to visit the other younger/older group. The age groups are a guideline, not a hard-and-fast rule. But my experience is that the older singles have the better food at their events. The "senior sisters" are the best cooks!

I've done this twice, and it worked for me. One time, one of the Stake Singles Representatives was working at the Family History Center when I called.

You might also get restaurant and tourist information from one of the volunteers.


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