Monday, September 18, 2006

French, missed op, Japanese declined. Mon, Sep 18, 2006.

09/18/2006. 725. I stopped at a dollar store (didn't they used to be "dime" stores?) for some office supply stuff, and ended up giving French and English copies of the New Testament, French and English copies of the Book of Mormon, and a multi-lingual "Finding Faith in Christ" DVD to the clerk who was from western Africa.

09/18/2006. Missed opportunity. I had supper at a Chinese restaurant. I had given out material here before, and was hoping to do a follow-up. Two female seasoned-citizens were eating at the booth next to mine. They were kind of cool, wise-cracking, and spoke with a slight Jewish accent. I struck up a conversation about the restaurant. It occurred to me to invite them to our singles Family Home Evening at church, because we have several widowed ladies in their age range, but I chickened out. I forgot to approach the employees.

09/18/2006. 726. I stopped at another discount store on the way home. I met a Japanese lady in the parking lot. She had parked near me and was getting out of her car just as I was getting out of mine. I started the conversation with "Hi. Where are you from?" and "Do you like to read in Japanese?" She said she didn't have time, and turned down the offer of a Japanese Book of Mormon.

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