Saturday, September 09, 2006

Twi at market. Sat, Sep 9, 2006.

09/09/2006. 723. I was heading home from the beauty supply store mentioned in the previous entry. I was going to go past one of my favorite Asian stores, so I stopped in. I was very thirsty, so I got a cold can of soda to drink outside before going back in to do more shopping.

A young adult couple were ahead of me in line. I couldn't tell where the lady was from, but the man wore a T-shirt depicting Africa, and he spoke with an accent.

We exited together, so I asked him where he was from, and what languages he spoke. He spoke English, French, Twi, and some others. I offered him a Twi Book of Mormon, and he eagerly accepted, so I went to my car and retrieved them. I forgot I had a Joseph Smith Testimony pamphlet in my car in one of the other languages he mentioned.

He eagerly accepted the material. I thought I had more stuff at home in some of his languages, so I suggested he call me and I'd arrange to get him the other material. I forgot to offer him French material.

His lady friend was on her cell phone when I was talking to him. Her body English didn't seem friendly towards me so I didn't offer her anything when she got off the phone.

He did say that he was looking for a church, but didn't have a car, so I gave him the elder missionaries' phone number, and also suggested to call them or me, and we'd arrange for someone to pick him up if he wanted to visit.

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