Monday, August 28, 2006

Lithuanian at parking lot of store. Mon, Aug 28, 2006.

08/28/2006. 696. I remembered that I needed some paper towels, so I decided to go to a nearby dollar store which has good prices on paper towels. It was just after 9pm, and I forgot if it closed at 9 or 10. I drove over, and they were just locking the door as I drove in front.

The 24-hour Kroger's is closer, but I received a distinct impression to go to a 24-hour mega-store a few blocks farther away. I went there, parked, got out of my car and headed toward the front door. I passed a mother and daughter who were putting their shopping cart in the cart-corral. I was too far away to make out their words, but when I heard them speak, it caught my attention. I couldn't tell if they were speaking English with an accent, or were speaking a foreign language. I passed them by, and then they crossed back to get in their car, and I heard the daughter speak again. I thought it was worth approaching them, so I turned around and went back. From a respectful distance, I asked if they spoke any foreign languages, or what language they were speaking. The mom said Lithuanian.

I forget my exact words, but I said something like I had a copy of the Book of Mormon in Lithuanian in my car, and that it was free. She agreed to see it, and appeared to follow me, but I asked her to wait by her car. I retrieved it and an English copy from my trunk, and went back and offered it. She was pleased to receive it, and we chit-chatted some more. It was a very pleasant encounter.

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