Monday, August 14, 2006

Moment #690. Vietnamese at store. Mon Aug 14, 2006.

08/14/2006. I had just entered the dollar store, and two Asian men were just leaving the checkout lane, talking to each other in their native language. I stood there a second and asked what language they spoke. One said Vietnamese. I asked if I could talk to them a minute, and I followed them outside.

I said my church has a free book in Vietnamese, and it's in both Vietnamese and English. I said it was the Book of Mormon. One of them had heard of it, but the other hadn't. I said I had the Vietnamese and English copies with me in the car, and offered it to them, adding that it was Christian, and they accepted, or at least one of them did. They went to their car, and waited while I went to mine and got an English and a Vietnamese copy out of the trunk.

I went back to their car, and the one graciously accepted it. He started flipping through it. He opened it to 1st Nephi, because that is where I put the info flyer. I pointed to the top of verse one, and recited the first phrase in English, and he caught on. They seemed to be in a hurry, so we didn't chit-chat further.


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