Sunday, August 13, 2006

Simplified Chinese, Korean at Church. Sun, Aug 13, 2006.

08/13/2006. Journal Entry. The sister missionaries were teaching a couple from China, and expected them to be at church today. Before sacrament meeting they asked me for a Chinese Book of Mormon. After sacrament meeting, I retrieved one from the car, along with two DVDs that have both Mandarin and Cantonese tracks, Finding Happiness, and Heavenly Father's Plan.

The sister missionaries were with the couple, so I presented the material. Thinking back, even though the couple was right there, I should have given the book and dvd's to the sisters, and let them give it to the investigators.

Later in the day, back home, I remembered that I had the new Simplified Chinese/English New Testamant. I even had two copies in the car. So I took one of those, and also a Simplified Chinese Gospel Priniciples, and an English Gospel Principles and dropped them off at the sisters apartment.

08/13/2006. Journal Entry. The brother sitting next to me in Elders Quorum asked if I had a Korean Book of Mormon. At a park, he met a Korean man, who is working or studying in town, and who is looking for ways to improve his English. He said one of the things the man does is strike up conversations with people he meets. He said he has seen him several times there, so he expects to meet him again. I asked if he needed an English Book of Mormon to give to him, so it will be a bilingual pair, and he said he already had one. So after the meeting I retrieved a Korean book from my car to give to the guy.


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