Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Moment #684. Yoruba at Post Office. Wed, Aug 9, 2006

08/09/2006. I checked for mail at my post office box. There was a man in the lobby preparing something to mail. He looked like he might be from Africa. I went to the inside counter to buy a pre-paid envelope to mail something and came back to the outside lobby, and started to prepare something to mail. After he deposited his mail in the outgoing mail slot, and headed towards the door, I asked him where he was from. He said Nigeria. I asked if he spoke Igbo or Yoruba. He said Yoruba, so I said good afternoon in Yoruba.

I offered him the church's Sunday school manual "Gospel Fundamentals" in Yoruba, and he agreed to see it. We went outside, and from the car I retrieved Gospel Fundamentals and the Joseph Smith Testimony pamphlet in Yoruba, and the Gospel Fundamentals in English. He was very pleased to receive the material, started flipping through it, and wanted the English translation too. He asked my name and about the church, so I pointed to my card and flyer inside the books and invited him to come by or call some time. It was a very pleasant encounter.


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