Saturday, July 29, 2006

Moment #679. Arabic at ATM. Sat, July 29, 2006.

07/29/2006. I was the only one waiting in line at the ATM machine. The man ahead of me finished up, and as he came by I asked him where he was from. I think he said Sudan, and he spoke Arabic and English. I offered him an Arabic Book of Mormon, and he enthusiastically received it and the English copy too. I said it was Christian and asked if he were Muslim, and he replied that he was Christian. He asked where our church was, so I showed him the address on the info flyer.

When we finished talking I was so excited that I forgot about going to the ATM and got in the car and drove off. On the way home I remembered, and went back to the ATM.

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At 8/06/2006 02:33:00 AM, Blogger RyanMercer said...

That is just funny... you forgot that you needed money from the atm. :) :) :)

At 3/18/2007 01:51:00 PM, Anonymous onelowerlight said...

I guess social mores are very different for different parts of the world, and that means that there is no one way people will respond when you give out Book of Mormons. I know that in Arab countries, people are very open about religion, and that it's not uncommon for Muslims to just straight out ask you "so, why don't you become a Muslim?" Also, anyone who has strong religious views is greatly respected there. That's very different from our secular culture out here in America, where religion and passing out religious literature can be somewhat taboo. That's great that the Arab man was so receptive!


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