Saturday, July 15, 2006

Moment # 646. French-Malinke outside drug store. Sat, Jul 15, 2006.

07/15/2006. Early AM. I was on my way home from a Single Adult church function in another city. We had a game night. I had ridden there with a friend, and was driving back home from his house. I stopped at a 24-hour pharmacy to get something, and was given some coupons I'll never use along with the cash register receipt. I exited and took a few steps away to throw away the coupons in a trash bin, and when I turned around, a taxi had pulled in front of the drug store.

The taxi company is one that employs almost all Africans, and the driver looked African. After taxis stop at the destination, the drivers turn off the meter, so I figured I wouldn't be costing the passenger anything, and he was still getting money out of his wallet anyway.

The driver was from Guinea and spoke French and Malinke. I said I had some church books in those languages and would give them to him if he waited for me. He agreed, so I trotted off to where my car was parked. After his passenger paid and got out, the taxi-driver ended up driving over near to where I was parked anyway.

I first gave him the Joseph Smith Testimony pamphlet in Malinke (aka Mandinka). I then offered him a French Bible and he accepted, so I went back to my car and dug out a French copy and an English copy of paperpack New Testaments, and French and English copies of the Book of Mormon.

He graciously and happily accepted those books, and we chatted a bit more about where the church is located.


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