Wednesday, July 12, 2006

DVDs to Hispanic guys. Wed, Jul 12, 2006

07/12/2006. I dropped the elders off at their apartment after dinner. I gave them a used quad for one of their recent converts, 3 different English Bibles plus an English hardback Book of Mormon for a referral, and an English NIV paperback for one of the Elders.

There were three spanish-speaking guys sitting in a van a few feet from where I was parked as one of them worked on a car part. I offered some free DVDs from church, but one said no, and the others shook their head. I said they were free, and then they said okay. I gave them four DVDs with Spanish tracks: Together Forever, Heavenly Father's Plan, Finding Faith in Christ, and I think the fourth was either The Restoration or To This End Was I Born.

I pointed out the missionaries' apartment, the one with a painting of Christ taped to the window, and said if they wanted to know more they could get in touch with them.


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