Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Moment #645. Gujerati-English w/missionaries. Wed, Jul 12, 2006.

07/12/2006. I called the full-time missionaries to see if they had scheduled a dinner meal that evening. They said they were free for dinner, and didn't have anything until a 6:30 pm appointment. I offered to take them to a restaurant near their apartment on the condition that they attempt to give the restaurant people a Book of Mormon. They agreed.

I hadn't eaten there in a while even though it's the best restaurant of its type on the West side of Indy. (Friends can email me for the name and address.)

We got there and ordered, and while ordering found out they were from India and spoke Gujerati. While waiting for the food to arrive, I went out to the car and brought back in a Gujerati Bible an English Bible, and an English Book of Mormon. (The Gujerati Bible had arrived just yesterday.)

When we finished eating, I told the elders they had to "sing for their supper" and gave them the three books and asked them to make the presentation. They went to the counter, and had a friendly discussion with one of the owners. They later said the owners were very pleased to receive the material, especially the Gujerati Bible.


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