Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Moment #637. Chinese at restaurant. Tue, Jul 4, 2006.

07/04/2006. I went to a nice buffet restaurant in a town Northeast of Indianapolis.

The busboys were hispanic, so I had a Spanish Book of Mormon on the table in addition to the Chinese material, but they might not have noticed.

I don't know if I was out of sorts, or I sat in the wrong place, or the moment just wasn't right. Towards the end of my meal, I just felt awkward.

After eating I approached the cashier, and offered her a Simplified Chinese and an English Book of Mormon. She accepted the Chinese, though she was not enthusiastic, and she reluctantly accepted the English.

Although I did feel like it was the right thing to eat there, I did learn something new. Sometimes it's just not the right time to place a Book of Mormon. Maybe the purpose was just to show them by placing them on the table. Maybe that restaurant was just to be a "way point" and I didn't even need to eat there.

But going there put me on a path to find other people that evening, so that was one reason why I needed to be there, whether it was to actually eat there, or to be a way-point. While on that little trip I also discovered five other restaurants for future visits.

After eating, I felt a definite "tug" to take the long way home by heading West instead of getting back on the main highway. So more adventure was in store.

There were three more Chinese restaurants on that East/West road that I didn't know about. And indeed, there was excitement to come.


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