Thursday, June 29, 2006

Moment #631. Italian at drug store. Thu, June 29, 2006.

06/29/2006. I planned to eat at a strip-mall Chinese restaurant that I've often been to. I first stopped at a nearby drug store to buy a newspaper to read while eating. While waiting in line, I saw and heard two men at the photo print station, who looked European and who spoke English with an accent. They appeared to be race fans in town for the upcoming Formula 1 race.

One of them went off to buy something, and I asked the other if he was in town for the race. He said yes. I asked "Where are you from?" He said Montreal Canada. I asked "Parlez-vous francais?" He said "oui" and said he spoke Italian too.

When I was done paying for my paper, I went over to him, and offered him some free videos from church that were in Italian, French, and English, that I had in my car. He cheerfully agreed. I said I'd be right back.

I went out and got Together Forever, Finding Faith in Christ, and Heavenly Father's Plan from my car. I also got French, Italian, and English copies of the Book of Mormon.

When I went back in, the two gentlemen were both back at the print station. The second guy wasn't enthusiastic, but the first one was still upbeat.

The French copy of the Book of Mormon wasn't special to them, so they handed that one back, but they wanted the Italian and English copies of the Book of Mormon, along with the videos.

The first man was familiar with the church's TV commercials.

I then went over to the Chinese restaurant. I've placed copies of the Book of Mormon there before, but I took in some more, and a Chinese Liahona magazine.

After eating, I offered the magazine to the cashier/waitre, but he wasn't interested. I forgot to take in videos, but I think I've given them videos before.

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