Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Follow-up to 622. Korean. Tue, Jun 27, 2006.

06/27/2006. I went back to the Korean-owned store from last Friday the 23rd. I had given the Asian-language multi-lingual "Finding Happiness" DVD to one of the cashiers that day, and another cashier, who spoke Mongolian was interested.

I went back today with a Mongolian Book of Mormon. I showed it to her, and she thumbed through it, but she said she already had a copy from someone. I wonder if I might have given it to her, as I had been to that store before. (But my log from back then is on a crashed hard drive that I haven't recovered.)

I also remembered that sometimes people decline a book when they can't read the language. Sometimes they only speak their native language, and can't read it. So I try to be sensitive to those who don't want to volunteer that they don't read it.

Anyway, I found out she speaks Korean too, and she asked for a copy of the Korean DVD that I gave the other cashier. I ended up giving her four DVDs, Finding Happiness, Finding Faith in Christ, Heavenly Father's Plan, and Together Forever, which all have Korean audio tracks.


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