Saturday, July 01, 2006

Moment #633. Chinese x 3 at buffet. Sat, Jul 1, 2006.

07/01/2006. I went to another nearby town to have dinner at a buffet with a single sister. We went to a nice Chinese buffet there.

After getting our first plates from the buffet tables and sitting down, I put out the two kinds of Chinese editions of the Book of Mormon, an English edition, a Chinese Liahona, a multi-lingual "Finding Happiness" and a bilingual Chinese/English Bible. At $20, the latter is too expensive to give away like I do the copies of the Book of Mormon. The $3.50 Chinese/English New Testaments were out of stock. But I wanted something on hand to illustrate that we use both the Bible and the Book of Mormon.

Our waitress very soon came over and started a conversation about the simplified script Chinese Book of Mormon. She made it very easy to present it to her. She politely declined the English, even after I tried to explain the bilingual ESL aspect. I'm not sure if I did a poor job explaining, or if she just didn't catch the idea. The hostess soon came over and asked about the books. She accepted both a simplified script Chinese and English, and the Finding Happiness DVD. We also gave the Chinese Liahona to one of them.

Our waitress started reading her copy back at the waitress station when she wasn't busy.

Another waitress who frequently passed by our table kept looking at the books so I initiated a conversation with her, and she gladly accepted a Chinese/English pair.

After paying, we gave the hostess/cashier another Finding Happiness DVD to give to one of the waitresses.


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