Friday, July 07, 2006

Moment #639.5 Spanish DVD at gym. Fri, Jul 7, 2006.

07/07/2006. I forgot to log this one, hence the fractional #.

An hispanic lady in her 20's was using the elliptical machine next to mine. I started a conversation by asking "Habla espaƱol?" She did. She's been in the country for a year, and works as a bus-boy at a Mexican restaurant that I like but haven't been to in a while.

She barely spoke any English. So, I volunteered that our church has English lessons for Spanish-speakers Thursdays at 7pm at our church building. She said Thursday is her day off. Cool.

She asked for the address, so when my 30 minutes was up I went out to the car and got an info-flyer and a "Heavenly Father's Plan" multi-lingual DVD that has a Spanish audio track. I pointed out the address on the flyer to her and also presented the DVD.

We also chit-chatted for quite a bit.


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