Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Moments #658-670. Road trip day 2. Wed, Jul 26, 2006.

07/26/2006. This is going to be a quick summary. Hopefully I'll come back and fill it in.

Moment #658. Housekeepers at motel. Hindi/English Book of Mormon, and Marathi JS Testimony pamphlet.

Moment #659. Stop #1. Urdu/Punjabi declined at shopping mall, but gave him a pass-along card.

Moment #660. Still at Stop #1. Gas station/convenience store. Hindi owner, and Hindi customer. I had run out of Hindi Books of Mormon, so I gave them pass-along cards and the Indianapolis "info flyers". They were interested and seemed like they would have accepted the books had I had them.

Moment #661. Stop #2. Chinese buffet. Waitress politely declined Chinese Book of Mormon, but I left a Chinese "Purpose of Life" pamphlet on table anway, with 800 # written inside back cover. Cashier graciously accepted an Indonesian and English pair of Books of Mormon.

Moment #662. Stop #2. Man speaking Portuguese on cell phone outside of restaurant as I was leaving. I waited around, and after he got off phone, I offered, and he eagerly and politely accepted Portuguese and English Books of Mormon.

Moment #663. Stop #2. Decided to explore the strip-mall shopping center. Swahili declined at Dry Cleaners. Forgot to offer a pass-along card.

Moment #664. Stop #2. Vietnamese Liahona magazine and Vietnamese Book of Mormon accepted by man outside of nail salon. English BofM declined. At first he turned down Book of Mormon but agreed to accept Vietnamese Liahona magazine. I brought back both a magazine and a Book of Mormon from car. He changed his mind when he saw the Vietnamese Book of Mormon and asked for it. I made a definite point of not being pushy about the book. He read the title and sub-title and changed his mind.

Moment #665. Stop #2. Tugged to gas station across street. Cashier was from Nigeria. Gave him Hausa/English Gospel Fundamentals, Hausa/English JS Testimony pamphlets, English Book of Mormon, and Heavenly Father's Plan DVD.

Moment #666. Stop #2. Looking for a gas station with cheaper gas, but tugged to drug store. Cashier was from India. She gratefully and eagerly accepted Punjabi and English Gospel Fundamentals.

Moment #667. Stop #3. Stopped at a gas station. A sign showed that the manager had an African name. A cashier called her on phone to see what languages she spoke. The cashier relayed the offer, and then the cashier told me the manager didn't speak any Nigerian languages, so she declined. But there was some special feeling about the place and the name. So even though the offer was declined, I hope the offer meant something.

Moment #668. Stop #4. Still in Georgia. Definite tug to exit the Interstate here for supper. Definite tug, rising to the level of being constrained, that led me directly to a specific restaurant. Made presentation and gave Vietnamese/English Books of Mormon when I placed order. Saw owner reading it as I left.

Moment #669. Stop #4. Tugged to explore a shopping-center plaza. Stopped at a Caribbean restaurant, but the owner just spoke English, and I made no presentation. Then I went to a store next door. After leaving that store, I saw the restaurant owner and a man talking outside. Gave Haitian Creole/English pair to the man to give to one of his Haitian friends. Then the restaurant owner asked me for an English Book of Mormon. So I gave him a copy and bore testimony to him, and felt the Spirit.

Missed Opportunity. Felt tugged to another store to buy something, but check out line was too long, and I disobeyed prompting. Felt guilty afterward.

Moment #670. Late at night, was in another state now (not Georgia), and stopped for gas. Don't know if it was a tug or not. Didn't see any opportunities. Heading back to Interstate, I was definitely tugged to another gas station. Parked, and went inside and bought something. Cashiers appeared to speak English only. Offered to give a free Bible to the cashier, and she said thanks, but she already had one. She then accepted my offer of a Book of Mormon. Second cashier, same thing. An alcoholic woman in line, buying a bottle of cheap wine, overheard, and asked for a Bible. Went out to car to get a Bible and three Books of Mormon. Saw that a tire was going flat and would have to be changed. Gave the Bible/Book of Mormon combo to the alcoholic woman outside, and the two Books of Mormon to the two cashiers inside.

Finished driving to my sister's town. But mom had given me wrong directions that sent me 45 minutes in wrong directions. Due to changing flat tire and bad directions, it was too late to wake sister and BIL to get correct directions, so I stayed at a motel near the interstate.


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