Friday, August 11, 2006

Moment #686. Spanish at restaurant. Fri Aug 11, 2006.

08/11/2006. I had supper at a restaurant that I haven't been to in a long while. It has changed names, and probably owners too, since then. The food was excellent, the ambience was good, and the service was great. If you're in my ward or the next ward North, and like Mexican food, email me and I'll give you the name/address of the restaurant.

I had the dinner special of the day that included rice, a chicken burrito, an enchilada, and a taco. The rice, the burrito and the enchilada were outstanding. The taco was good, but not outstanding. The rice had just the right amount of saffron and some other seasoning I can't pinpoint, and just a tiny amount of vegetables in it, to be perfect. I haven't had rice that good for a long long time. The burrito and enchilada had very authentic-tasting and upscale spices that I only remember having at some expensive restaurant. The enchilada had a REAL chile in it, too. I was in Mexican food heaven. And to top it off, the price was very good for the quality of the food, making it a good value. The enchilada was cooked with a lot of cheese, so you may think it a bit greasy, but I think that's the way it should be.

The decor was better than the last time I was there. It has been remodeled. The decor was not as upscale as the food, but again, it was better than what the low prices might indicate. So if you're tired of the hole-in-the-wall decor of many small Mexican restaurants, but want great tasting food, try this place.

Oh yeah, and I gave the waitress/cashier a Spanish Liahona, and I think I gave her one of the DVD's that has a Spanish audio track.

There are plenty of other employees to whom you could give material, and plenty of opportunity for follow-up. So if you like Mexican food, but are afraid of missionary work, take the Spanish-speaking missionaries there for lunch or supper some time.


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