Friday, August 11, 2006

Chinese-English New Testament now in Simplified Script.

International Bible Society has now made available a Simplified script version of their Chinese/English bilingual New Testament.

This is in addition to the Traditional script Chinese/English bilingual New Testament.

People from mainland China generally read the Simplified Script version of Chinese, which was implemented by the communist government in the 1950's. Chinese-speaking people in other areas of the world, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc., kept the traditional form of written Chinese.

In the LDS church's cataloging system, suffix -265 indicates Traditional script, and -266 indicates Simpflified script. The Simplified script Book of Mormon is 35607-266, and the Traditional script Book of Mormon is 33572-265.

The idea we use the Book of Mormon in addition to the Bible can be hard to convey. I have found that it often helps to take Bibles with me to restaurants or other places where I attempt to distribute the Book of Mormon. Even if they already have a Bible, it illustrates that we use the Book of Mormon with the Bible, and not to replace it.

This confusion is compounded by the how the translators chose to translate the name "Book of Mormon" into Chinese. The symbol used to translate "book" literally means "holy book", and it's the same symbol used to translate the word "bible." Therefore, a Chinese person translating the Chinese title of the Book of Mormon back into English would say "Mormon Bible."


At 8/13/2006 02:43:00 PM, Blogger Michael said...

This is not really a response to your recent post. Your blog came up in a google search I was doing to prepare a lesson on temple worthiness. Love what you're doing. I was on a mission in Indy 1984-1986. My last day I was in Franklin, IN and we placed eight Books of Mormon in an afternoon (very much atypical--espeically in that none of them were receptive immigrants).

Continued success and postings!

P.S. I found your blog espeically rereshing today as I was just plain old worn out from all the anit-crap that google turns up in a basic search on anything in the church. It was a needed balm of Giliad.


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