Saturday, August 19, 2006

Follow-ups. Chinese @Stake conf. English @gas station, Sat, Aug 19, 2006.

08/19/2006. I took an "Introduction to the Church" multi-lingual DVD to stake conference to give to our sister missionaries who are teaching a Chinese couple. That DVD has a Mandarin Chinese audio track. I was able to see the sisters there and give the DVD to them. The sisters told me that they were also able to get in touch with a member in the ward next to ours who speaks Chinese. I had given the sisters that brother's number on Sunday. They also found another local member who speaks Mandarin and English. The member I know is Caucasian-American who learned Mandarin in the Army and has regular contact with Mandarin speakers and keeps in practice. The sisters told me he is going to help them present the missionary lessons to their Chinese investigators. The sisters said the investigators plan on attending Stake Conference tomorrow.

08/19/2006. I was told by a couple guys in our ward that my Book of Mormon placement project was mentioned in the leadership training session of Stake Conference.

08/19/2006. I stopped by a gas station on the way home from stake conference. I needed some pop anyway. The cashier was the same man to whom I gave an English Bible and Book of Mormon in March.

As I paid I asked if he had read the Book of Mormon I had given him. He said he gave it to his grandmother as she was interested in it. Cool!

I asked if he wanted another one, but he didn't really say. So I didn't press. I just reminded him to call the church office phone number on the info flyer if he wanted more information.


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