Monday, August 28, 2006

Her restaurant contact got baptized. Guest post.

A sister in Ohio sent me the following. Here it is, slightly edited, posted with her permission.


We all need to share those experiences as it motivates each of us to do more. So to help you out, here's my latest experience in giving out the Book of Mormon.

Earlier this year while sitting at the counter at a Columbus Ohio area restaurant, I met a man from Indiana. We chatted while we ate our dinners and he told me he had just inherited Ohio as part of his territory. We ran into each other a few times in February and March. Shortly before we parted one evening, he confided in me that he was unhappy with his church and had been praying to find the right church. He was a member of the Friend's church. I told him that I was a Latter-Day Saint. He was interested as he'd never investigated the church. I gave him my work phone number and suggested he call me when he came into town again.

About three weeks passed and one day he called saying he was in town and asked if I was going to that restaurant that evening. I said yes I was. So when I got there I walked in with a copy of the Book of Mormon for him. We had a wonderful conversation that evening. The following day he was calling me with all sorts of questions. As he travels a great deal it was very hard for him to hook up with the Missionaries in his area on a regular basis. His reading of the Book of Mormon really put him on fire and filled him with so many questions. I got a lot of calls. The long and short of it was that on July 15th he was baptized in his home ward in Indiana.

The interesting thing is that he frequents the local Bob Evans restaurant in his home town, where several other priesthood holders go on Saturday morning. They'd sit at the counter and chat with him about this and that; but in the 10 plus years that this had been going on, not one of them ever opened up their mouths to talk to him about the church. He had to inherit a larger territory and wander into a restaurant in Ohio to find a feisty redhead that opened up her mouth. Really makes me wonder how many others we daily come in contact with, that are out there hungering for the Gospel truth, and if we'd open up our mouths would jump at the chance to read and accept the Book of Mormon.

As a post script, he is happily involved in his ward now. He really loves the Book of Mormon, but recently he confided in me that his real love is the Doctrine & Covenants and that is what he finds most relevant. I thought how appropriate since the Lord gave us the D&C for our time.

Sister Patti W., Ohio.


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