Sunday, September 24, 2006

Amira's friends from Bishkek visit Indianapolis.

As commented on The Golden Road to Samarqand.

Amira, I sent this to you in email, but I wanted to tell the rest of your readers about the small miracle in Indianapolis today.

We had church members from Kyrgyzstan visit our ward today. I told them about your blog, but didn't know your real name. When I told them you volunteered at the Bishkek Baby House, they immediately knew who you were.

I found out they will be seeing you later in the week, and will be getting their endowments and be sealed to each other.

They were in town visiting a hospitalized teenager from Kyrgyzstan, and wanted to find a Russian-speaking member of the church to visit him.

Because I'm a busy-body who asks about what languages people speak, I knew there was a young adult from one of the former Soviet republics in the YSA branch that meets in our building in the afternoon, and that he spoke Russian. I told the Kyrgyz couple about him, and they came back later to meet him. After the YSA branch's meetings, they got together and were speaking Russian a mile a minute, and exchanged information.

Our local Russian-speaking guy should be able to help comfort the Russian-speaking Kyrgyz guy in the hospital, too.

I told a counselor in the branch presidency what was going on, and he said he has a secretary from Russia, who is also a member of the church. So I introduced him to the visitors from Kyrgyzstan, and he gave her contact info to them.

Now I know someone who knows you, and was able to help them make the Russian contact that they wanted to make here.

Oh what fun connecting the dots.


At 9/30/2006 01:21:00 PM, Blogger RyanMercer said...

I want to meet the Russian speaking people!


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