Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sisters place Vietnamese books at nail salon.

Recorded 09/20/2006. Sunday September 10th, I asked the two sister missionaries in our ward if they still had the two Vietnamese Books of Mormon and the $30 in an envelope that I had given previous sister missionaries. They said it was still in their apartment. I then encouraged them to get their nails done (manicure) at a nail salon ($15/each) and strike up a conversation about the Book of Mormon being in Vietnamese. They thought that since it was a personal service, it should be done on Preparation Day. I said that my opinion was that it was proselyting work, and could be done any day, and that they might ask the mission president what his thoughts were.

Sunday the 17th, the two sister missionaries told me that they had gone to a Vietnamese-owned nail salon to have their nails done, and it turned out just like I had suggested. The two nail-operators (is that what they're called?) eagerly received the Vietnamese Book of Mormon. I had suggested leaving the books in their car, and retrieving them afterward, so as not to be too pushy about it, to wait until the person accepts the offer, and they said that that approach was cool.

One of the operators received the English edition to go along with it, and the other declined the English. I suggested to the sisters that if someone accepts the foreign language edition, but turns down the English, then it's okay to be a little bold about pushing the English, because not everyone is quick to pick up on the bilingual aspect of using both editions to learn or improve on their English reading skills. I told the sisters about how I sometimes open up both books to 1 Nephi 1:1 and read the English while pointing to the verse in both editions at the same time.


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