Sunday, April 16, 2006

Moment #553. French NT + DVDs. Sat, Apr 15, 2006.

04/15/2006. I went into the gas station to pre-pay for gas. I recognized the cashier from a previous visit, and I had seen him flip through some material I had given another employee on a previous occasion. But I forgot if I had given him anything. So after paying, as there was no one in line behind me, I asked him if I had given him a Book of Mormon. He said no, but that he wouldn't read it, as he was Evangelical, and really keen on the Bible. He spoke with an accent, so I asked what other languages he spoke, and he said French, that he was from Cameroon.

I offered him a French Bible, and he agreed, so after I was done putting gas in the car, I brought back in a French New Testament, an English NIV New Testament, and two church DVDs that have French audio tracks, Together Forever, and Finding Faith in Christ.

He accepted them all without any hestitation. He asked if it was the Church of the Latter Days, and I said yes. He then made the connection between the name of the church and "The Mormons." He said he had seen the church back in Cameroon.

I offered him a French Book of Mormon this time, and he said he'd go through this material first.


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