Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Book of Mormon Moment #455. Bemba/Shona/Zulu. Wed, Nov 2, 2005.

11/02/2005. Yesterday I received a call from the Zionsville sister missionaries. One of my contacts who had turned into an investigator for them had given them two referrals, one of which spoke Zulu, and another spoke Bemba. They asked me what material I had for those languages.

This worked out well, because the sisters live on the way to my customer in Carmel with whom I had an appointment in the afternoon. So it was convenient for me to stop by the sisters' apartment (stayed in the hallway of course). For their Zulu-speaking referral, I gave them Zulu and English copies of the Book of Mormon, a Zulu and English Gospel Fundamentals, a Zulu and English Joseph Smith Testimony pamphlets; and because I think Zulu-speakers usually also speak Shona, I also gave them a Shona Book of Mormon.

For their Bemba referral, I gave them Bemba and English Gospel Fundamentals, and Bemba and English Joseph Smith Testimony pamphlets.

Then the sisters brought up that they had another Shona contact, so I went back to my car and brought them another Shona Book of Mormon.

They also said that one of their French-speaking African investigators has committed to baptism this weekend. He was not one of my contacts, but I had previously given the sisters some French video and church material for him.

Bemba is spoken in Zambia, Shona is spoken in Zimbabwe, and Zulu is spoken in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Some groups of people who speak Shona and Zulu overlap the border of Zimbabwe and South Africa. Zimbabwe is the former Rhodesia.


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