Saturday, October 22, 2005

Book of Mormon Moment #450. English. Sat. Oct 22, 2005

10/22/2005. Still at the same Chinese restaurant from the previous moment, having supper while waiting on laundry.

This was such a cool segue from the previous moment. I had given a Simplified Chinese and an English Book of Mormon to the cashier/waitress. She enthusiastically received them, and took them behind the counter. The cook came back out with the Chinese copy, sat at the table next to mine, and started reading. I put out another English copy on his table and tried to explain they are the same translation, and might help in learning English.

He went back behind the counter to cook for the next customers, but left both books on the table next to mine.

Two ladies came in and placed an order at the counter, then sat at the table next to mine while waiting. One of them picked up the English Book of Mormon and was browsing it.

This was so cool. I was already there, they basically came to me, and one showed interest by picking up the Book of Mormon on their table on their own. If this wasn't the Lord dumping an opportunity in my lap, I don't know what is.

I forget how I started the conversation. I think I asked her if she'd like a free copy of that or of the Bible. She said she would like a copy. The other lady said she'd like a King James Bible, and that she already had a Book of Mormon. Then the first lady said she'd like a Bible too.


I excused myself to go out to the car, and brought back in two LDS edition King James Bibles, the ones that are about 2" thick. One was a new soft-cover, and the other was a used bonded-leather one I got on Ebay. I also brought back in another English Book of Mormon just in case.

The English Books of Mormon had pieces of Post-It notes at 3rd Nephi Chapter 11, indicating it is the "best part", and another one at Moroni 10:3-5 indicating "How to know that this book is true."

The ladies graciously accepted the Bibles and the Book of Mormon. The one who wanted just the Bible also browsed through the extra Book of Mormon. We chatted a little bit. She asked me if I had memorized the books of the Book of Mormon. I said I thought so. So she turned to the index, and quized me. I passed! She also pointed out to the other lady and read the Post-It note that said "How to know that this book is true."


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