Thursday, December 06, 2007

Chinese at restaurant. Thu, Dec 6, 2007.

12/06/2007. 930. I had dinner at a nearby restuarant where I recently had lunch. During my previous visit, the cashier (who also looked to be the owner) declined to receive material.

Tonight there was a different crew working.

I ordered, paid, sat down, and put some material on the table, the two kinds of the Chinese Book of Mormon, an English Book of Mormon, a bilingual Chinese/English New Testament, and some DVD's.

The cashier did a double take on the material when he brought out my food. He stopped to talk a bit, and he accepted the Chinese Simplified and the English Book of Mormon, and the bilingual New Testament. He might have accepted a DVD, but I forget.

One of the cooks on duty also came out to look at the material. I offered copies to him, but he said he'd share with the other guy.

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