Friday, November 30, 2007

English DVD's at laundromat. Fri, Nov 30, 2007.

11/30/2007. 924. It was late evening at the laundromat. I was making several trips to take my clothes out to my car. There was a 50-something man in outdoor work clothes, tan overalls, eating at one of the small tables in the front waiting area. He looked weary, and humbled by the world. He looked as if some basic human courtesy acknowledging his existence would make a difference to him.

The idea of giving him a couple DVD's came to mind, Joy to the World, and Finding Faith in Christ.

On my next trip in, he was about to take his clothes out of the dryer, and I approached him and said I'd like to give him some free DVD's, and I asked if he had a DVD player. He didn't. But I had felt inspired to offer them to him, so maybe he knows someone with a DVD player. He gratefully accepted them.

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