Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tagalog and Spanish at Chinese restaurant. Thu, Nov 15, 2007.

11/15/2007. 916. I had lunch at a Chinese restaurant on my way home from an appointment. I struck up a conversation with the guy sitting at the next table over. He grew up here, but was originally from the Philippines and spoke Tagalog. I ended up giving him a couple issues of the Tagalog Liahona magazine, and the "Together Forever" DVD (that has a Tagalog audio track) from my car.

11/15/2007. 917. I went back in to finish up lunch, and read a Spanish Liahona magazine. There was a word in Spanish that I wasn't familiar with. There was an Hispanic man sitting at the table on the other side, who was waiting for his order. I asked him what the word meant, but he didn't know. I showed him the magazine so he could read it in context. He seemed a little interested in the magazine, so I offered it to him and he accepted it. I also offered him a "Together Forever" DVD that I had in my Chinese bag.

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