Friday, November 09, 2007

Swahili Book of Mormon => Swahili Investigator.

11/09/2007. Journal Entry. I stopped by our ward's full-time missionaries' apartment during their lunch break to drop off some groceries and give them a couple Bibles and copies of the Book of Mormon.

They were very grateful for the food. And had an interesting item to report.

I had given them 22 foreign language translations of the Book of Mormon last Sunday. Those books included a Swahili translation and an Igbo translation.

During the week, the elders encountered someone who spoke Swahili and who is now investigating the church. The elders had kept the books in their car like I suggested, so all they had to do was to go back to their car and get it.

Also, another set of elders in their zone has an investigator from Nigeria who speaks Igbo, so our elders gave the other elders the Igbo Book of Mormon for their investigator.

I then resupplied our elders with another Swahili and another Igbo book.

The elders then asked if I had anything in Burmese for another investigator. I thought I had a Burmese Joseph Smith Testimony pamphlet in the car, but when I checked, I realized I was out, and hadn't resupplied my car stock. So I'll give them that when I see them Sunday.

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