Monday, November 05, 2007

Chinese at restaurant. Mon, Nov 5, 2007.

11/05/2007. 911. I went to the south side to visit one of the elderly widows who was in the ward I used to be in. She was a regular at the singles Family-Home-Evening, and one of the fun-to-be-around live wires. Due to weakness and injury, she's in a nursing home, and will likely be moving into her son's home or an apartment when she gets out of there.

According to one of the staff, she was out at a doctor's appointment when I got there, and then would likely go out to eat with her son's family. So I decided to go look for an ethnic restaurant in that part of town. I don't normally travel in that area, so I figured I could find something I hadn't been to.

I was on my way to a restaurant I remember reading about, and saw a Chinese buffet that I hadn't been to before, so I pulled in there.

I put a Chinese Book of Mormon on my table while I ate, and the waitress noticed it when she came around. We chatted a bit, but she declined my offer to give her the book, or a DVD in Chinese. She said something that indicated she might already be Christian (as opposed to Buddhist or agnostic as most Chinese are), but I didn't have a Chinese/English Bible in my bag.

After paying I said to her that I might have a Chinese/English Bible back in my car, and she indicated a little interest. So I went out and found one (a bilingual New Testament actually) in the trunk. I went back in and presented it to her near the front desk, and she enthusiastically accepted it, and was a bit excited about it. It reinforced my opinion that we need to start with offering the Bible before offering a Book of Mormon. Especially since the word translated as "Book" in the Chinese title comes about "Bible". So it looks like we have a literal "Mormon Bible" instead of "Mormon Book."

The cashier/hostess was also interested, so I pulled out a Chinese (simplified script) Book of Mormon and an English Book of Mormon out of my book bag to show her. She was mildly interested and accepted them.

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