Wednesday, October 24, 2007

DVDs at Mexican Bakery. Wed, Oct 24, 2007.

10/24/2007. 906. 2 DVDs at Mexican bakery. I had given a man a ride to his mother's home on the opposite side of town. I used to live on that side of town, so I knew the area. I planned my trip back home, and intended to stop at a certain bank branch and use the ATM. As I neared one small strip mall, I remembered a bakery there, and felt "tugged" to stop there. I like the small loaves of white bread, so I went in and bought 3 loaves.

I thought I had enough change, but I had given my last 3 or 4 dollars in bills to the hitch-hiker. I searched my wallet and dug out all the coins from my pocket. I told the cashier I only had enough for two, and expected her to take one of the small loaves out of the bag, but she and her partner said not to worry. I paid them for the 2, plus gave them the other few coins I had.

This was kind of a lesson in humility for me, because the only reason I had been charitable to the hitch-hiker/beggar was because I felt inspired to help him, and I had been annoyed at his attitude (of not giving me enough information to feel completely safe, and of refusing the loaf of bread.) Now here were two strangers giving me a free loaf of bread and I hadn't really asked for it.

Anyway, their generosity made it easier for me to offer them something in return. I felt I owed them something, and so their generosity was a nice excuse for me to give them something in return since I was out of cash. I've been to this store at least a few times, but forgot what all I had given them. (Maybe I need to keep a file in my PDA and sync it with my home computer so I can keep track.)

So I brought in a couple of DVDs that have Spanish audio tracks. I brought back in "The Testaments", and I think "Our Heavenly Father's Plan."

I showed them the DVDs and asked if they had seen them before, and they said they hadn't. So I gave the DVDs to them, and they received them gratefully. And I said "Feliz Navidad". The DVDs clam-shells had a copy of the info flyer listing the local chapels, and a Book of Mormon pass-along card.

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